Treasury Yields Soar, Bitcoin Takes a Hit: What’s Next?

• The article discusses the relationship between Treasury yields and Bitcoin, with US Treasury yields rising this week and impacting Bitcoin significantly.
• Binance has temporarily suspended deposits for 10 Multichain-bridged tokens, while Ron Desantis promises to protect Bitcoin and oppose a CBDC as president.
• Stably introduces #USD, the first Bitcoin network stablecoin, while Trezor sales soar 900% amid Ledger’s seed recovery controversy.

U.S. Treasury Yields Soar and Impact Markets

The U.S. Treasury yields rose this week, sending shockwaves through financial markets including stocks and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As the flagship crypto dropped below $26,000 due to the yield increase, a $120 million liquidation storm was triggered and questions were raised about the relationship between yield increases and the crypto market in general.

Binance Suspends Token Deposits

In response to these changes, Binance has temporarily suspended deposits for 10 Multichain-bridged tokens on its platform; however it is not yet known when the deposits will be resumed or if any of them will be permanently blocked from being deposited onto their platform. Meanwhile, Ron Desantis promises to protect Bitcoin and oppose a CBDC as president should he win in upcoming elections.

Stably Introduces #USD

In other news, Stably introduced #USD; a new stablecoin which is built on top of Bitcoin’s network protocol for cryptocurrency transactions. This marks an important step forward in terms of developing more reliable digital assets that can be used by both retail investors as well as institutional investors and traders alike.

Trezor Sales Soar

Finally, amidst controversy surrounding Ledger’s seed recovery system – which many have criticized – Trezor sales have soared by 900%, indicating that customers are looking for safer alternatives when it comes to securing their digital assets from malicious actors or thefts online.


Overall there seems to be strong correlation between traditional markets like U.S treasury bonds/yields with crypto assets like bitcoin proving once again that even though they are different asset classes they still move in tandem with each other at times indicating interdependencies exist between them