Chinese state cryptocurrency gives US secret service boss a cold sweat

The USA tremble in front of China? – China continues its tests on its MNBC. For its part, the United States does not view this development very favorably. The American intelligence services cannot stand still.

ISD warns against Chinese crypto

According to information relayed by the Washington Examiner , the Director of National Intelligence (DSI), John Ratcliffe , sent an alarming letter to the SEC regarding the advancement of the Chinese state cryptocurrency .

According to him, private American companies will find it very difficult to compete with the future cryptocurrency.

Worse yet: it could eclipse the dollar internationally, which would have serious repercussions on the US monopoly

Surprisingly to say the least, John Ratcliffe also evokes his concerns about the centralization of bitcoin mining in China . He fears in particular a nationalization of mining in China, which could potentially place this major opponent in an enviable position.

“There are serious national security concerns regarding China’s control over bitcoin and ether. (…) Is the United States really ready to allow China to win this new technological and economic cold war and, with it, the possibility of dictating important parts of a new global payment system? „