Chainalysis: Capitol Protests Financed Through Bitcoin

Chainalysis seems to have discovered that someone sent Bitcoin to some Protestants on Capitol Hill before taking his life.

According to Yahoo News, Chainalysis‘ latest research seems to have found that „far-right activists“ at the Capitol protests received Bitcoin from a donor.

Bitcoin behind the Capitol protests

Chainalysis reported that on December 8 a donor sent 28.15 BTCs, or about $522,000 at the time it was transferred, to 22 separate addresses, many of which belonged to far-right activists who were present at the protest.

So, according to Yahoo News, authorities are already investigating the source of the funds. But it doesn’t end there, as the donation apparently came from a French programmer who died.

And, according to Chainalysis, a suicide note dated December 9 was found that said: „Western civilization is declining. I care what happens after my death… That’s why I decided to leave my modest wealth to certain causes and people“. This happened one day after I sent Crypto Legacy to the Protestants on Capitol Hill.

What would happen if a Bitcoin ETF is approved in the United States?

Too much crypto lawsuit! We Need a Calm Moment

According to Decrypt, Katie Evans, eToro’s global public relations and communications manager, said the platform is experiencing excessive demand for crypto to the point of compromising its liquidity.

I know you have a mega position on $BTC on eToro, A sat for your thoughts.
– CRYPTO KOALA (@Cryptokoala_Aus) January 13, 2021

Consequently, eToro has warned its crypto community through an email that was shared on Twitter that it could be limiting trading on the platform over the weekend.

The problem is that, the founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, a former eToro market analyst, advised users on Twitter not to attempt to pull funds from the platform because they could be symptoms of a potential liquidity crisis.

However, for the time being, the measures of the crypto platform seem to be aimed at stopping the purchase of crypto.

Grayscale could soon control 5% of Bitcoin’s current supply

Meanwhile… Grayscale absorbs another 2,000 BTC on its first day

As you may remember, yesterday in CriptoTendencia we informed, Grayscale Investments opened its doors again yesterday to investors who would like to acquire shares in its Bitcoin Trust.

However, no one imagined that after one day, the crypto trust would manage to capture 2,172 Bitcoin (BTC), worth approximately $82.5 million at current prices, according to the GBTC Bitcoin Tracker.

And, according to the company’s last update yesterday, Grayscale has $24.7 billion in active crypto under its management.

Is Coinbase ready to go public?

Gemini joins crypto platforms with plans to go public

According to Bloomberg, Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are considering a public listing for the crypto exchange.

„We are looking at the crypto market and are also having internal discussions about whether it makes sense for us at this time. We are certainly open to it,“ the brothers said.

As we have previously reported in Crypt Trend, Coinbase and Bakkt have also reported their plans for a public listing.
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