5 Unusual Ways to Use Your Shed

shed and woodYou might think that sheds can only be used for storing garden equipment or tools, but actually, with a little bit of “out the box” thinking you can turn it into something quite different.

In fact, it seems there is a revolution going on right now when it comes to sheds, as thousands of people take to social media in order to post pictures of the rather unusual ways they use their own shed.

Looking for some ideas? Keep reading to find out more…

Home gym

Do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars every month on a gym membership? Many shed owners think not, and that is why they are turning sheds into home gyms where they can workout and get fit whenever they feel like it.

Even a small shed is big enough for having a few weights and an exercise bike, so there is no excuse not to get in shape.


Feeling stressed out all of the time and want a place to relax and unwind? If this is the case then you might want to consider turning your shed into a home spa, complete with hot tub and candles to set the mood.

Don’t worry about the shed getting too cold in the winter, as putting in some extra insulation usually keeps it at the right temperature and stops heat escaping.


Millions of Americans are now working from home, the only problem is that spending all day in the house can become frustrating and leave you feeling like you need to get out.

The solution is to turn your shed into a home office. This way, you are able to have a designated place away from the house to do your work, so you can keep your business and home life separate

For guests

A common trend we are seeing right now is people converting their garden sheds into a place for guests to stay. Interestingly, if you go to a site like Airbnb you will notice this happening more and more in towns and cities across the world, with tourists and backpackers willing to spend money for a cheap place like this to stop in.

Who would have thought your shed could earn you an extra income? This is definitely something worth looking into.

Entertainment room

Perhaps you can’t ever watch your favorite TV programs on the family TV or playing on your PlayStation is a thing of the past? In this type of scenario turning your shed into an entertainment room is a solution to consider.

Imagine having a big LCD TV on the wall, with quality speakers and a nice comfy chair to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience.

How to Care for Your Car During the Winter

jeep in snowOnce the temperature starts to drop and harsh weather conditions are upon us, then caring for your car should be a top priority. Not only does this ensure your car is performing at its maximum level, but it also helps to keep you and the passengers as safe as possible.

If you are not familiar with cars or you just don’t have the time to start looking under the bonnet, then it’s highly recommended that you visit with a qualified mechanic who can do all of the work for you.

Below are some tips to help care for your car this winter:

Get a carport

Without a doubt, a carport is one of the best ways to stop rain, snow and all of the elements reaching your car when it is parked at home.

You could also buy a garage of course, but they are more expensive, but with a carport it does the same kind of job for a fraction of the price.

Check tire pressure

It’s an unfortunate fact that many cars get into accidents during the winter simply because they had the incorrect tire pressure. They need to be properly inflated for possible extreme weather conditions, so you have the right amount of grip and sturdiness for the the road.

Test the battery

As the mornings start to get colder, it’s not uncommon to find that a flat battery means you can’t get your car started.

This is why testing the battery on a regular basis is crucial, so your car starts up immediately and you can get on your way and not be late for work. Keep a close check on the charge level, cables, and fluids of the battery to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Get the brakes serviced

There is nothing worse than driving in wet or icy conditions only to suddenly realize your brakes are not working as well as they should be. Not only does this put your own safety at risk, but it also risks the safety of passengers in the car and other road users.

As a general rule, getting the brakes serviced on your car at least once a year is very important. Make sure the service is carried out by a mechanic who is certified and experienced in this area.

Switching the oil

If you live in a part of the country that experiences extremely cold temperatures or harsh weather conditions then switching to a winter oil may be a good idea. Normal car oil is quite heavy, which causes it to thicken during cold weather and cause problems with your car.

South Africa to Canada Immigration – 5 Common Mistakes

ottowaIn recent years there have been many South Africans who want to move permanently to Canada. This might be for a better life or because they have family already living there, but unfortunately of lot of people actually fail in their application.

The reason? Because they make some or all of the 5 common mistakes below. Make sure you avoid these.

Not hiring an immigration service

Can you be guaranteed of immigrating from South Africa to Canada if you have an immigration service working on your behalf? The answer is no, although many people who use these type of services agree that it helped a lot.

That’s because the staff at these companies know their way around the process of getting a Visa, which means you don’t end up making costly mistakes.

What is a good and trustworthy immigration service you might be wondering? During our research we read a lot of good canadaaboard reviews as it seems they are the number one choice for many South Africans. Contact them today and see what they can do for you.

Incomplete application

If you decide not to use an immigration service then you are basically on your own when applying for a Visa. Some people are fine with this, while others don’t really know what they are doing, and this leads to huge mistakes.

One such mistake is submitting an incomplete application form, with whole sections missed out. Just so you are aware, if you don’t answer every question then your application is automatically denied, so make sure you double check everything before sending it off.

Missing documents

As well as incomplete applications, another mistake is not including all of the relevant documents. This is why it’s highly recommended that you hire an immigration service to work on your behalf, as they know exactly what documents should be included.

Incorrect information

Be very careful not to include any kind of incorrect information on your application. Even getting an employment start date wrong from one of your previous jobs could result in you being declined entry to Canada.

Ultimately, the Canadian government are very choosy about who they allow into the country, and if you have incorrect information then expect to meet with failure.

Not speaking the language

It is a requirement that you should be able to pass a basic test in the English or French language in order to be accepted into the country on a permanent Visa. This means that if you don’t speak either of these languages then don’t expect to be successful.

5 Insider Secrets for Living in Singapore

secretThere are many reasons to live in Singapore. From those fabulous Singapore condos you want to live in and the great nightlife and excellent food that can be found on every street corner, it’s no understatement to say there is something for everyone in this Asian country.

So what about some insider secrets for living in Singapore that you won’t read in the guide books? We’ve compiled the top 5 right here.

Speak some “Singlish”

Although English is the main language in Singapore, you’ll find that many of the locals speak something called “Singlish.” This basically means Singaporean English, and it’s great to learn a few basic words in order to get by.

Some words to get you started are makan which means food, lah which means can, and ala mak which means to make a statement. The longer you live in Singapore, the more Singlish you will learn.

Get huge discounts

As you are no doubt aware, Singapore is great for shoppers, with thousands of shops all over the city selling a variety of goods.

However, did you know that every year there is something called “The Great Singapore Sale” with discounts in many shops of up to 70%? It usually happens around Spring or Summer time, so make sure you read newspapers to know exactly when the sale starts.

Carry an umbrella

Singapore is known for being a very hot country, but you can expect to get a bit wet from November until January during the monsoon season. One minute it can be glorious sunshine, and then a couple of minutes later clouds come out of nowhere and a huge downpour starts.

If you carry an umbrella during this season then you are always prepared for the weather, and won’t get caught out in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Quick vacations

One of the main advantages of living in Singapore is strategic location, as you are in the perfect place to explore other countries in Asia for a quick location.

Not only that, but flights are typically very cheap, especially to tourist destinations such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, Redang in Malaysia, and Boracay in the Philippines. This means if you want a change from city living for a week or two, then a holiday destination is only a short flight away.

Random tips

If it’s your first time in Singapore then be rest assured that you can safely drink the tap water, but be very careful when crossing the road as “jaywalking” is illegal. Also, chewing gum is banned in Singapore, and it’s possible to be fined if caught chewing it or chucking it on the street by a police officer.

Looking for a Mental Health Provider? Read This First…

girl waiting hospitalWhen you are planning to see a mental health provider in the near future, then you may be wondering how to find someone who is suitable and will help you as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the information about what to look for in a mental health provider is not very good at the best of times, which means that many people end up going through a trial and error process until they find someone that helps them.

With this in mind, it’s very important that you read the tips below before you go any further…

Defining who you want to see

The term mental health provider is quite general, and this is why you need to define who you want to see and make it more specific.

For example, the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is quite vast, as they deal in completely different areas.

You might also want to consider seeing a social worker, a psychiatric nurse, or a professional counselor. Do some research so you understand more about what each of these professionals do, and then make a decision about who is more likely to help you with your situation.

Make sure they are licensed

Before you agree to see anybody in the mental health sector, it’s essential that you make sure they are fully licensed to practice in your State.

Not only that, but you might also want to ask about qualifications and training certificates they have, as well as checking to see if they are using the very latest in behavioral health software and other technology.

Prescribing medication

Be aware that not all medical health providers are licensed to prescribe medications, so if this is something you think you might require, then make sure anyone that you see has the power to hand you a prescription.

Sometimes, you might actually have to see multiple professionals in order to get a full range of treatment. For example, see one person for counseling, and another for prescribing you with the appropriate medication.

Health insurance coverage

Let’s face the facts here. Going to see any kind of health care provider in the United States is not free, and this is just the same with the mental health profession.

This means you’ll need to have the money to pay for your appointments, or the appropriate health insurance coverage to ensure you get treatment. If you don’t already have a health insurance plan in place, then it is highly recommended that you do so.

What to Look for in a Wilderness Therapy Camp?

tent yellowIf you have a troubled teen and you want to get them back on the straight and narrow, then a wilderness therapy camp could very well be the right solution. These kind of camps have been getting rave reviews over the last few years, with many parents astounded at some of the transformations their kids have gone through.

There are many different camps out there however, and it’s important that you choose the right one in order to see the maximum benefits. Below we have listed the main things to look for in a wilderness therapy camp.

Level of therapy offered

Does your child require minimal support or a full-time level of care to help them? For example, if they have fell in with the wrong crowd and just need a couple of weeks away in the outdoors to get away from it all then minimal support is fine. If the problem is more complicated and you are trying to get them away from a life of crime or a drugs, then full-time therapy will be needed.

Number of staff

Something else to look for when choosing a wilderness therapy camp is the number of staff on hand to help your teen get through their problems. Obviously, the more staff the better, and it also helps to know they are properly qualified with the correct training and experience.

You might want to check the student to staff ratio, as the more attention your kid receives, the more likely they are to make a quick recovery.

Where is the location?

The whole point of wilderness therapy is to get people away from cities and towns, and out into the wilderness, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s said that the great outdoors is therapeutic for the teen, and it gives them a chance to relax, come face to face with their problems, and then take the appropriate action.

This is why you want to make sure the location really is in the wilderness, and there will not be easy access to a nearby town or city.

Mixture of serious and fun

It might be the main aim to get your teen away from trouble and back to normality, but that doesn’t mean the whole camp has to revolve around serious activities.

Typically, the best results come from a mixture of serious and fun activities, where the child has to follow rules, while at the same time getting to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.

Should You Really Eat Beef Jerky?

beef jerkyA few years ago, snacks such as beef jerky were considered to be unhealthy, with many experts advising you should only eat it as a treat. However, it seems that attitudes about this food have done a complete “u-turn” recently, especially since diets such as Paleo have become more popular.

So should you really eat beef jerky on a regular basis, or is it best to only eat it sparingly? The answer might surprise you.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that organic beef jerky is the best kind to buy. Anything less is just a poor imitation, and won’t be anywhere near the quality of jerky that has come from organic meat.

A great source of protein

The first reason why it’s a good idea to eat beef jerky on a regular basis is because it is high in protein. This is perfect for people on the Paleo Diet or for bodybuilders who want to get bigger muscles.

It’s actually safe to eat beef jerky on a regular basis, as there are no chemicals or additives…just pure and natural ingredients that is great for your overall well being and health.

Take it with you

No matter if you are going camping or on an extended road trip, beef jerky is one of those foods that will help to keep your hunger at bay.

The main reason is that it doesn’t require refrigeration at any point, so you can simply pop a few packs in your rucksack and then eat when convenient. Perfect for when you need calories but don’t want to do any cooking.

Lose weight without feeling hungry

Did you know that beef jerky can actually help you to lose weight? That’s because it doesn’t have any carbs, instead, relying on the protein and healthy fat content to fill you up.

If you want a quick snack in between meals but don’t want to be reaching for those chocolate bars or cookies, then beef jerky should be right at the top of your list.

It’s cheap

Want to eat healthy on a budget? If so, then beef jerky is a great food to buy when grocery shopping, mainly because it offers a lot of nutritional benefits without the high price.

For example, a high quality organic steak is usually very expensive, but the same amount of organic beef jerky comes in at over half the price, while still giving you the same amount of protein.

That doesn’t mean you should eat beef jerky all the time as a varied diet is key, but there is nothing wrong with having it a few times a week.

6 Reasons to Visit the Movies

cinemaAccording to the respected website Movie.info cinema attendances have been going down for a number of years, but does this mean you should avoid going altogether?

Sure, it is more expensive than it used to be, and there are many movie watching options at home such as Netflix and premium movie channels, but despite all of that we believe there are many reasons why you should be visiting the cinema on a regular basis.

Watching movies on a big screen

There isn’t an LCD TV in the world that is as big as the screen you find at the cinema. You’ll find nothing else quite like watching a movie this way, which adds to the intensity of the movie you are viewing.

Eating popcorn

It’s a tradition that goes back years…eating popcorn while watching a movie. As you’ve no doubt discovered, the popcorn from supermarkets just doesn’t taste as good as the popcorn you find in the cinema, which gives you a solid reason to go and part with your money.

Watch with other people

Have you ever been to watch a movie at the cinema on opening night? Every seat is taken and there is always a very good atmosphere, especially if it’s a good movie. Of course it’s nice to watch movies at home by yourself, but once every now and again watching with other people is a great experience.

Find out about upcoming movies

You can simply go to movie websites to find out about upcoming releases, but a much better way is to walk around a cinema lobby and look at all the posters on the wall. This let’s you know what will be showing in the cinema over the next few months, so you are able to plan what movies you want to watch.

View movies in 3D

One thing that has taken off during the last few years is movies being shown on the big screen in 3D. If you’ve experienced this before then you are in for a treat, and it’s just another reason why visiting the cinema should be high on your list of things to do.

Socialize with friends

Let’s face it, more and more people are staying in and spending time on sites like Facebook instead of engaging with real people. Luckily, you don’t have to stay in the house tonight, as going to the cinema gives you the perfect excuse to phone up some friends and arrange a trip to see a movie.

How to Organize a Great Bachelor Party

bachelor partyIf you’ve been chosen as the best man for the upcoming wedding of your friend, then one of the main tasks is to organize the stag party. Years ago it used to be all about going to a few bars and getting drunk, and while drinking is still a main theme of most stag parties, there is a lot more you can do to make it memorable.

Keep reading to discover how to organize a great stag party…

Decide on the location

The first step in organizing a stag party is to decide where you want to have it. For example, many guys go away for a weekend in places like Mexico or Eastern Europe, where the beer is cheap and there is a party atmosphere all day long.

However, if you don’t have much time or want to keep it low key, then going to a few bars in your local area or booking a table at a restaurant could be the best idea.

Decide on a theme

It’s very common now to see stag parties where there is a central theme, such as fancy dress. Maybe you could visit a website like capes.com and order capes for everybody that attends the stag party, where it would be like a superhero theme. The choice is yours.

Arrange it early

There is nothing worse than arranging a stag party right at the last minute, mainly because there is a high chance that a lot of people you invite will already have other plans.

With this in mind, try to arrange it as early as possible. Ideally, a few months before the party is due to take place.

Have multiple activities

In order to organize a great stag party it’s a good idea to have multiple activities throughout the day or weekend, so you are able to do something that everybody enjoys.

As an example, you could go for a round of golf in the morning, have a go karting session in the afternoon, and then follow all of this up with a meal and visiting some bars in the evening.

Capture the action

Be prepared to capture the action as it happens, either with a camera or camcorder. Sure, you could just use your smartphone, but you can typically get higher quality with a good DSLR camera.

You might even want to hire a videographer to follow the group round and capture everything. This type of thing doesn’t just have to be for the wedding day.

Top Tips for First Time Home buyers in Costa Mesa

sold houseThere is a reason why Costa Mesa in California has become a magnet for first time home buyers. Quite simply, it has great houses, in safe neighborhoods, at affordable prices. What more could you want? It’s all right there waiting for you.

Here are some top tips for first time home buyers in Costa Mesa:

Set a budget

How much can you realistically afford to spend on your first house? Make sure you look closely at your finances and then set a realistic budget that won’t leave you struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments.

Shop around for a mortgage

In order to get the best deal possible it’s essential that you shop around for a mortgage and don’t just choose the first one you find. Of course, you might have some cash saved away so you are able to buy the house outright, but in most situations this isn’t the case, and if this includes you then shopping around is the best way forward.

Try to get pre-approved

There is nothing more annoying than finding your dream first house, only to see it snapped up by someone else because you couldn’t get a mortgage in place quick enough.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you get pre-approved before you go looking at properties, as this puts you in a position where you can close the deal fast and get the house you want.

Find a good swimming pool company

Anyone in Costa Mesa will tell you that finding a good and reliable swimming pool company is very important, as you always want a clean pool all year round. Many residents will recommend this place as they have been going for years, or you could just check the phone book or do a search on Google.

Choose the right neighborhood

Think about the things that are important to you. For example, if you have children, then choosing a neighborhood that is close to a good school should be high on your list of priorities.

Also, do a bit of research to find out what property prices are doing in a particular neighborhood, as you definitely want to buy a house that has good potential resale value.

Use a house inspector

It’s always wise to get some independent advice before making such a large purchase. In this type of scenario, a house inspector is just the ticket, as they can give the house a complete check and then alert you to any potential problems.