Cycling Training – 5 Tips to Get You Started

bikingOne of the best ways to improve your health and fitness levels is to start cycling training. It’s usually more fun than running, and less expensive than joining a gym, which makes it the perfect activity for someone that wants to get more active in their spare time.

At this point you might be wondering what is the best way to get started with cycling training? In this article, we give you 5 tips to keep in mind.

Setting up your bike correctly

You might think that cycling is easy and all you have to do is jump on your bike and start riding? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, as setting up your bike correctly is essential if you want to get the most out of your sessions. The best way forward is to click here to see what the experts recommend.

Pack light

When going on a longer cycling journey you don’t want to be carrying too much weight, as this will lead to tiredness and over training With this in mind, always pack light before setting off and only take the essential items such as water, a few snacks, and some tools in case you need to carry out repairs to the bike.

Buy some gear

If you really want to take your cycling training seriously then buying the right gear will definitely help. For example, investing in a good helmet, some quality cycling shorts, a pair of sunglasses and some specialist cycling shoes, is pretty much the bare minimum you should have.

Keep well hydrated

It’s common to sweat a lot when training on your bicycle, which means you’ll quickly become dehydrated, especially in hot weather conditions. For this reason it’s very important that you keep well hydrated at all times when out and about. Don’t just take a drink when you’re thirsty, as by then you’re already dehydrated. Instead, drink at regular intervals for the best results.

Try interval training

One of the best ways to increase your fitness levels is to practice interval training on a regular basis. In a nutshell, this is where you go fast for a set period of time, say 5 minutes, before going slow for another set period of time, say 5 minutes again. You then repeat this for as long as you can in order to improve your fitness. This is the perfect kind of training for cycling as it allows you to build up your fitness slowly.

The Signs of a Gold Scam

scam signMillions of Americans are looking into the possibility of buying gold, due mainly to the rising price that shows no signs of slowing down.

Are you thinking about buying some gold coins or bars online? If so, then you must be aware that some companies will think nothing of scamming you out of your money and leaving you with very little in return.

Here are the signs of a gold scam:

Classified sites

While a classified site might be good for buying a used sofa, purchasing gold is a different story altogether. Put simply, the vast majority of gold classified ads are scams, and once you send the person money you will never hear from them again.

This is why it’s so important to only buy gold from reputable websites like who have been around for years and serve thousands of customers daily. Don’t accept anything less than the best.

Negative reviews

When researching a gold selling company you are likely to come across many reviews on forums, blogs, and social media. Most of the time you will see good reviews, and you should take this as a green light to proceed.

Sometimes though, you will come across mainly negative reviews, and this is a surefire sign you could be about to deal with a scammer. Avoid and go elsewhere.

Sales pressure

Maybe you’ve inquired about buying gold from a website and now they won’t leave you alone, constantly calling and emailing and trying to make the sale?

These type of high pressure sales tactics go hand in hand with gold scams all day long, and it’s almost certain that you won’t get the best deals from companies that practice these type of methods.

No return policy

When you shop from a site such as Amazon then getting a return policy with your product goes without saying, and if they didn’t offer this then you would probably go elsewhere, right?

The same thing applies when buying gold online. If the company you are buying from does not have a return policy then you should run, not walk. Trustworthy gold dealers have no problem giving you a generous return policy.

Know the price of gold

Gold scammers will attempt to buy bars and coins from you at the lowest possible prices, and to achieve this they tell you lies about the current price of gold.

This is why you should always check the price of gold from an independent source and never believe what a salesperson tells you. You don’t want to get ripped off.

5 Things to Consider When Opening a Hotel

hotel complexSo you’ve decided to open a hotel? Great stuff. If you get it right then you really can make as much money as you desire and even expand your hotel into a multi-national chain serving thousands of people every week.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Yes running a hotel can be very profitable but it’s also a lot of hard work and there will many problems to overcome along the way. Planning and persistence are key, and if you don’t have either of these then you might as well stop right now.

Here are 5 things to consider when opening a hotel…

Do you believe in yourself?

Seriously, ask yourself the question “do I believe in myself?” If deep down you don’t really believe that you can succeed and have a successful hotel then you won’t. Something will go wrong and you will fail, so you might as well save yourself a lot of time and effort by doing something else.

What are the start up costs?

Most people massively underestimate the costs associated with starting a hotel business, and if you haven’t given this some serious thought yet then you might want to start right away. Do your research and find out exactly what the startup costs are before you go any further.

Get the right tools

Another thing to consider when opening a hotel is getting the right tools for the job. As an example, buying the best hotel management software is essential for running a tight ship and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Hire an accountant

Don’t wait until you have to do your tax returns to hire an accountant, get one right now. A good accountant will help set everything up correctly right from the start, so you can accurately keep track of all your money and be in a good position when it comes time to pay your taxes. Not only that, but accountants have insider knowledge that will help you save money.

Business license and insurance

Firstly, make sure you know exactly what business licenses you require to operate legally in your State. Failure to get the right licenses could mean your business is shut down and fined. Not good.

Secondly, always get adequate insurance to cover yourself and your guests in case something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter how small your hotel will be in the beginning, insurance is something you should not ignore under any circumstances.

3 Ways to Get Your Skin Looking Young and Healthy Again

great skinAs we age, our skin naturally loses some of its natural moisture and elasticity. This results in wrinkles, dryness, and sagging – all of which are just a few of the hallmarks of growing older. However, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean your skin has to show it. In fact there are several different ways to keep your skin healthy and young looking even as your birthdays keep rolling by. Here are three ways to do just that.

Rub It In

The first step for many people looking to improve the quality of their skin is, logically enough, right on the outside. Dermatologist-recommended skin treatments such as oils, creams, serums, or microdermabrasion all have been proven to have differing levels of effectiveness in changing the appearance of older or damaged skin. However, there are many types of skin care products out there; choosing the right one is highly important. For example, any skin lotion or facial cream high in antioxidants and natural moisturizers such as argan oil or vitamin C serum is likely to be a highly effective treatment, so look for products rich in these ingredients for the best results.

You Are What You Eat

Healthy skin can be just as much about what you put inside your body as what you put on it. In fact, there are many nutritional supplements that are best taken orally that also have excellent health benefits for your skin. Phytoceramides are one of the most promising of these nutritional supplements, especially because of its ability to strengthen the skin’s ability to retain moisture and aid in the replenishment of collagen deep beneath the skin’s surface. This greatly increases elasticity and can even erase visible wrinkles , but only when taken orally over a long period of time, which allows the phytoceramides to build up to suitable levels within the body.

A Little Outside Help

Finally, there are steps that you can take that don’t involve taking supplements or applying creams and lotions but instead change the skin directly and dramatically. Treatments such as Botox injections involve temporarily paralyzing some of the muscles in the face to relax wrinkles and are seen as a highly effective if temporary treatment. More permanent treatments include surgeries such as facelifts, which will tighten sagging and wrinkled skin, though this is of course a major surgery that can take some time to recover from.